Last official week in Shanghai!

After 18 weeks in Shanghai, Our third trip to China is in it's last week and of course it's a little bittersweet. Gonna miss a lot of people in China/ psyched to see a lot of people in the States. I'm really excited to get back and start to enjoy the Summer! Jeff, Tony and Ben will be leaving after this week and I'll be staying on one extra week and performing at the House of Blues and Jazz with Gilbert Kuppusami on drums and vocals, Alain Couronne on bass and Byron Hill on keys. On Thursday Friday and Saturday I'll be joined by the Amazing Dana Shellmire on vocals on Vlad Ivanovsky on bass and guitar and some other outstanding musicians doing it in Shanghai. If you're around please come and check us out... Wherever you are you can listen to recordings we made from this last trip right here on the music page or at Songs there are different than on this site. Thanks for stopping by!